About Allanah Hunt

You Could Say I’ve Been Through A Lot In My Lifetime


That statement certainly felt true to me for a very long time. In fact for over 30 years, I played the blame game. It was a game I couldn’t win but I had identified so strongly with my story that I didn’t know how else to be.


Don’t get me wrong. My experiences were very real and they left deep wounds that seemed impossible to heal.


For many years I held on to my story. You could say I had good reason to.


But there came a point when I grew tired of repeating painful patterns. I got tired of losing over and over again.


On a desperate day I took a good hard look in the mirror and asked myself a very difficult question;


“What’s the common denominator in all these experiences?”


The answer was difficult to accept but it was a truth that changed my life forever.

The common denominator was me.


Yes, stuff happened to me when I was too young to do anything about it. 


Yes, those experienced shaped me into who I had become.


And although the experiences I created as an adult were driven by the patterns of the past, I could either keep going round and round in circles creating one painful experience after another while blaming others for my reality or …


I could take ownership of my life and learn how to create something different




I’d been hiding behind the story I’d been telling myself


A story that was keeping me stuck. A story that was killing me …

A story that included:

  • Being raised by a single parent
  • 15 formative years in a strict religious church
  • Childhood trauma/abuse
  • Bullying
  • Teenage pregnancy and marriage
  • Divorce
  • Broken relationships
  • Business collapse
  • Near bancruptcy
  • Depression and debilitating anxiety

It’s a true story and my earliest experiences taught me a lot.


I learned I was unloveableinvisible and that I had no value


I learned people were cruel, untrustworthy, and that even when I tried my best, it wasn’t enough.


I learned I deserved to be punished


I learned I was ugly, stupid, unacceptable, a nuisance, an embarrassment, a freak, a weirdo, somebody no-one could like.


As a result I expected to be rejected. I expected to be punished. I expected to be hurt.

Life taught me I had no power, that it wasn’t safe to be me and that I needed to protect myself at all costs.


The lessons I had learned early in life had created expectations that were showing up in my attitude, responses, behavior and choices and ultimately creating my reality